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you were both in terrible danger because of what you mean to each other
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April 24th 1558 "The marriage was therefore solemnly celebrated in the great church and the palace in Paris; where we were  this queen appear more beauteous than a goddes from the skies, whether in the morning, going to her espousals in noble majesty, or leading, after dinner, at the ball, or advancing in the evening with modest steps to offer and perform hew vows to Hymen; so that the voice of all as one man resounded and proclaimed throughout the Court and the great city  that happy a hundredfold was he, the prince,  thus just joined to such a princess; and that even if Scotland were a thing of price its queen out-valued it; for had she neither crown nor sceptre her person and her glorious beauty were worth a kingdom; therefore, being a queen, she brought to France and her husband a double fortune.
This was what the world went saying of her ; and for this reason she was called queen-dauphine and her husband the king- dauphin, they living together in great love and pleasent concord.”  
- Illustrious Dames of the Court of the Valois Kings
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Yes I have been on a little hiatus

But rest assured I have been following up on all the reign drama, news, and whatnot. I still love all the people in the show, will miss Henry dearly, and adore my queen, regardless that she sometimes doesn’t think before she speaks.

I have been reading up on MQS life, a book called “The True Life of Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots” by John Guy and I am at chapter 11. This is basically the time when she is surrounded by controversy over the death of her 2nd husband Darnley and somehow gets into marrying Brothell. I believe I am getting to the part where she’s about to run to Elizabeth but I honestly don’t know. Anyway, yes, so I have been keeping my Reign on. I probably won’t fully return til it gets closer to October [another month] because there’s honestly not much to blog except for the cast’s real life and eh, just would rather get excited and reblog the show.

I will return my subjects and you will not have a king consort for quite some time ;]

Monday, August 25th
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Reign Season 2: Behind the Scenes
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